Back by popular demand Sweet Scapes is now back to offering cookies! These are the BEST soft batch gourmet cookies around! Minimum of a dozen to order. Orders must be placed a minimum of 4 days in advance. Cookies, brownies, blondies start at $36 per dozen, one flavor. If you would like to mix up to two flavors in a dozen, i.e 1/2 dozen red velvet and 1/2 dozen lemon cheesecake; there will be a $10 added charge. Please email orders to or fill out the contact form. There is a $5 invoice for all invoices for orders. Thank you for visiting our website.

Chip Chip Hooray

The ultimate classic cookie! The best chocolate chip cookie you will ever have!


Sugar, Sugar

No fuss, no frills, just an classic thick, chewy, sugar cookie. Available in plain, lemon, and chocolate.



Your favorite from childhood. Who doesn't love this classic vanilla cinnamon cookie?


Soft Batch Peanut Butter Cookies

Just like Grandma used to make!


Chocoholic *Fan Favorite*

The best double chocolate cookie on the block! A rich chocolate cookie mixed with delicious chocolate chips.


Ruby Valentine

Chef Kima's favorite cookie! A delicious red velvet cookie loaded with white chocolate chips!


Peach Cobbler Cookies

A wonderful blend of spices and peach flavorings. Tastes better than peach cobbler!


Nana Puddin' Cookies

*Fan favorite*Our signature cookie that started our soft batch cookie line. A delicious brown sugar, banana cookie loaded white chocolate chips and Nilla wafer pieces.


Harry Latte

Espresso cookie mixed with creamy butterscotch loaded with butterscotch chips.


Strawberry Cheesecake

Delicious blend of strawberries and cream cheese.


Cookie Butter

*Chef Kima's favorite* Our classic brown sugar cookie infused with cookie butter and spices. Studded with Biscoff cookies and white chocolate chips.


Guava Cheesecake

Our spin on a Cuban classic dessert! Our brown sugar cookie infused with cream cheese and delicious guava, then loaded with white chocolate chips.


Ray of Sunshine

A special tangy treat. Our classic brown sugar cookies infused with fresh lemon and studded with white chocolate chips.


Strawberry Nana

Our delicious strawberry cheesecake cookie dough is married with our popular banana pudding cookie dough to create this wonderful and delicious combo! This flavor will soon be a fan favorite!


Strawberry Lemonade

A sweet combination of our lemon cookie dough and our strawberry cookie dough, loaded with white chocolate chips.


Blueberry Dream Cookies

Our classic blueberry cookie infused with apple and loaded with white chocolate chips.


Mango Passion

A mashup up of our classic lemon cookie dough mixed with our latest mango sunshine cookie dough. A sweet and refreshing treat.


Mango Sunshine Cookies

Our classic vanilla cookie dough infused with mango and white chocolate chips.


Mango Berry

For this latest cookie flavor, we took our classic strawberry cheesecake dough and combined it with our new Mango Sunshine cookie dough, for a winning combination!



Brown sugar apple cookie studded with dried cranberries and white chocolate chips.


Getting Piggy Wit It

Krispy Kreme donuts infused into our new maple cookie dough and studded with caramel chips and candied bacon!


Red Velvet Brookie Cookies

Our take on the classic Brookie! Our classic red velvet cookie dough mixed with our classic chocolate chip cookie dough and studded with brownie bites! Literally a brookie in cookie form!


Red Velvet Banana Pudding

Our popular banana pudding cookie dough mixed with our classic red velvet cookie dough, for a winning combination! Sure to be a new fan favorite!


Red Velvet Oreo

Our classic red velvet cookie with the addition of America's favorite cookie makes for a winning combination!



If you loved Dunkaroos as child, then you will love this cookie! Cinnamon graham cookie dough mixed with teddy graham cookies, sprinkles, and stuffed with a delicious cake batter icing center.


All About The Henny

You will only find this cookie at Sweet Scapes Catering! We took our infamous classic brown sugar cookie dough and infused it with rich caramel, Hennessy. And if that wasn't enough we added caramel chips, then stuffed it with a delicious Hennessy infused cookie filling! If you love the flavor of Hennessy then you will LOVE these cookies!


Royal Peach

Where are the Crown Royal fans at? This cookie is for you! We took our peaches and cream dough and infused it with our very own peach infused Crown Royal mixture, tossed in some white chocolate chips, then stuffed it with a delicious peach Crown Royal infused cookie filling!


Bedrock Boogie

Part of our Cereal Killer Series. Our classic brown sugar dough has been infused with fruity pebbles and then studded with white chocolate chips.


Eye Candy

Meet your newest addiction! We took our new strawberry cotton candy cookie dough and combined it with our new blueberry cotton candy and studded it with cotton candy chocolate chips and then stuffed it with a cotton candy vodka cookie filling!


Jack Hammer

This cookie is for Jack Daniels fans. We took our brown sugar caramel cookie dough and infused it with Jack Daniels and cola, studded it with our custom Jack Daniels chocolate chips then stuffed it with a Jack Daniels and cola cookie filling.


Kookie Monster

Our new blue velvet cookie dough, studded with blue chocolate chips and stuffed with a delicious chocolate chip cookie dough filling/ A cookie lovers dream come true!


Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Part of our Cereal Killer Series. A delicious cinnamon vanilla cookie dough infused with the classic Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal and mixed with cinnamon white chocolate chips!


Dream On

Do you remember Creamciscles? Take a walk down memory lane with this cookie! You'll be having sweet dreams after one bite. Orange vanilla bean cookie dough infused with orange liquor,studded with orange flavored chocolate chips, then stuffed with an orange vanilla cookie filling.


POP! Cookies

Our latest cookie flavor is packed with flavor, soon to be a fan favorite! Our classic brown sugar vanilla cookie dough, mixed with strawberry Pop Tart bites and sprinkles.


Hello Gourdgeous

Our Hello Gourdgeous Cookies are what pumpkin dreams are made of! Our sweet pumpkin cookie dough is spiced up with cinnamon, nutmeg and a touch ginger. We loaded it with white chocolate chips, pie crust crumbs then stuffed it with a delicious pumpkin latte filling!


Autumn Berry

All the tastes of fall in one bite! Our classic cinnamon nutmeg dough infused with a burst of orange, loaded with orange infused cranberries, oatmeal, and white chocolate chips!


Burnin Love

If Elvis had a favorite cookie, this would be the one! An oh so tender, chewy peanut butter cookie infused with banana, loaded with sweet and salty candied bacon and caramel chips!


Classic Chocolate Brownies

Our classic chocolate brownies are made with delicious dark chocolate and studded with chocolate chips, they make for a truly decadent dessert.



Our decadent blondies are delicious combination of brown sugar, browned butter, and white chocolate. These will become your new favorite blondie!


Strawberry Blondies

Our latest blondie flavor! A chewy. soft blondie bursting with strawberry flavor and loaded with white chocolate chunks.


Pecan Chewies

Pecan Pie wrapped up in a delicious chewy cookie bar. You will love our version of this Southern favorite!


Shipping Information

Sweet Scapes Catering takes pride in making sure your products reach you in the same manner they leave us. Each cookie is a sealed for freshness and carefully hand packed. Ice packs are not required for shipping of most flavors, but will be used as needed with no additional charge. All orders are baked and shipped within 5 business days of placing your order. Orders are shipped out on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Standard shipping is based on the amount of items ordered and current USPS rates. For larger orders, additional shipping rates may apply, you will be contacted if this applies to your order. Please note, that invoices will be sent through Paypal. If you have a specific order date, please note this in your initial email. You will receive a confirmation indicting that your special requests were received and noted. All invoices MUST BE PAID by the due date given, otherwise your order will be cancelled. Please be advised that ALL orders that do not have special instructions will be shipped according to the date the order was placed.

Shipping Information Continued

Shipping Pricing: Shipping Rates starts at $13.00. OVERNIGHT Shipping: Please email us to request an estimate. **DISCLAIMER**: Sweet Scapes Catering is not responsible for orders damaged during shipping. However, Sweet Scapes Catering will assist you in filing a claim through USPS. Sweet Scapes Catering is not responsible for orders that have been shipped and show a delivery confirmation. Please contact your local post office in regards to that issue. Thank you.

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